Tender and contract development for engineering, procuring, building or maintaining infrastructure is a complex necessity of the Built industry, requiring a variety of skilled, sure-footed specialists.

Many clients know that if they outsource their front-end planning, commercial structuring and bid documentation to us they’ll be freed to focus on their operations, rather than on an arduous ‘paper-chase’.

Our wealth of knowledge and specialist experience ensures that a well-developed, professionally drafted tender and contract data pack for a bid is always delivered.

And after a bid, through the post-contract award phase to project close-out, we continue to provide commercial support options, from contract management staff to cost-effective retainer services.


Synonymous with Adjudication, Arbitration and Dispute Resolution for the Engineering and Construction sectors in Africa,  we’re often the most referred ( and preferred)  choice for employers, contractors, and consumers in both the private and public sectors

Well-versed in the latest local and global arbitration practices and codes, we assist, offer expert intermediary advice,  or physical representation. Here, our area of specific expertise is usually within the scope of pre-contractual terms of an agreement, such as of the JBCC, GCC, NEC3/4 and FIDIC suite of contracts.

The services we offer here often include advice, promotion, and defence of claims, dispute negotiations, and expert advisory services for attorneys or legal council.

Retainer Services
& Staff

As part of our vision to support and enable small, medium and large enterprises, we offer a  variety of tailored retainer and service level agreements.

These allow for affordable access to specialist legal advice and priority assistance from our pool of associates: Your own in-house legal commercial advisor, but sans the burden of extra overheads!

Use of retainer hours is up to each subscriber but it can include consultations at our premises, telephonic and email correspondence,  letter drafting as well as 24/7  access to legal opinion and commercial advice.

We also offer a variety of ad hoc and outsourced staffing solutions for the duration of specific projects or needs such as Tender & Contract development.


Enabling and equipping the diverse community of  Built-industry role-players like engineers, contractors, project managers, architects, quantity surveyors, and procurement officials is one of our company’s key focuses.

We regularly conduct in-house training (or tailor-made courses) for larger corporate groups, and offer similar training at some 40 public seminars every year, staged in centers nationally and abroad.

Our seminars cover critical, industry-related topics, including the four key CIDB-approved contracts (JBCC, GCC, NEC & FIDIC), CIDB Prescripts, Construction Regulations, and other topics.

Our courses all enjoy international endorsement from the Business School Netherlands,  with local CPD Points accreditation from ECSA, ASAQS, SACAP, and  SACPCMP.

For more information, visit our Seminar Section.