About this service

Contract Connect provides commercial support to all role players in the engineering and construction industry – from employers, contractors, engineers, architects and project managers, to quantity surveyors, construction, contract and commercial managers.

It offers instant access via phone, email or Skype to a team of highly skilled commercial advisors – all specialising in engineering and construction contracts, and with the practical experience of managing projects of large capital nature and complexity.

It will assist and guide you through the challenges of executing projects within the constraints of complex contractual arrangements, and caters for the entire lifecycle of your project – from contract strategy formation, through design, build and operating of an asset, to representation in the event of during a contractual dispute resolution process.

What this service gives you

With specialist knowledge of engineering and construction transactions, our advisors can provide straight-forward interpretations and explanations of latest legislation and practices and give you easy access to relevant documentation, case-law and authorities, including:

  • Forms and templates for use between Employer, Employer’s Representative and Contractor.
  • Practical guidelines to steer Employer, Representative and Contractor through the complexities and formalities of the contract signed between the parties (e.g. JBCC, GCC, NEC & FIDIC).
  • Legislation, regulations and case-law applicable to the engineering and built environment.
  • Explanations of Legislation and how it affects a
  • Explanations of Common Law from an engineering and construction perspective.
  • Advice on how to deal with construction and site-related queries/problems (e.g. riots, down-tools etc). from a contractual perspective.
  • How to draft and review contracts and correspondence between the Employer and the Contractor.

Subscriber benefits

  • Telephone hotline: Phone in for advice or assistance re a construction site-related matter, claim, disagreement or dispute, or contractual uncertainty.
  • Newsletter: This keeps you up to date. It alerts you to key legislation, changes and releases to current CIDB-approved contracts (JBCC, GCC, NEC & FIDIC), and to new case-law and contract types. It also informs you of scheduled training events and workshops, and features articles by industry leaders.
  • Expert commercial advisors: We have various senior advisors at hand – attorneys, quantity surveyors, architects and project managers, all supervised by experienced senior council.
  • Discounts: Qualify for: a 10% discount when attending any of our CPD accredited training events and 10% discount on our standard hourly rate.

 More optional benefits & services

Representation: As a subscriber to Contract Connect you also have the option to make use of our expert commercial advisors to represent you in disputes during Adjudication or Arbitration. Aside from added service continuity, Chris Roos & Associates also becomes a commercial partner and extension of your business.

Other consulting services: Our expanded range of consulting services also offers options like Outsourced Contract & Project Management; Construction Insurance and Security Advisory services where subscribers can also claim discounted tariffs.

Subscription costs

The following categories of subscription are available:

Category 1:  
5 Hrs – R8000/month

Category 2:
10 Hrs – R21000/month

Category 3:
20 Hrs – R38000/month

Category 4:
40 Hrs – R58000/month

Category 5:
60 Hrs – R75000/month

Please contact us to discuss or sign-up for subscription, and for terms, conditions and payment options.